Bunga Bunga 18 - Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Bunga Bunga 18 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

In Bunga Bunga 18 Maynard and Tim wonder who the real men are, without the help of Joe Jackson, but with the help of Stings underpants in Dune and a Zebra penis. Tim reads out a list of 80s singers he has a problem with. You may be here for a while…

This show is ribald, vexatious and NSFW.

Bunga Bunga 17 - Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Bunga 17 med

Tim Ferguson remains unrepentant about that singer. Maynard swings some dirty books Tim’s way. You get advice on what to wear and who to wear. Bunga Bunga 17 proves why Bunga Bunga is Australia’s fastest growing podcast. Ribald & NSFW

Maynard goes Retrosexual


November 1999 Free-FM a GLTBQ radio station was on air in Sydney. I was doing breakfast there and every Friday was Retrosexual. A request show for listeners that were happy to come on air and talk about their love of Pseudo Echo etc. This show is live from cassette Friday 26th November 1999.

Bunga Bunga 16 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

IMG 5338

Why is Tim Ferguson so excited about Bananarama? Why is he miffed at Maynard for enjoying Morrissey at Sydney Opera House? How much fun can Maynard have with Morrissey’s shirt sleeve? Dog shaming, Miss Piggy and a $2 selfie stick. It’s Bunga Bunga 16 brought to you by our Patreon supporters and D&C Lifestyle. 


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Mrs Sinatra finally available to the world

Mrs Fred Sinatra of Las Vegas is finally now available to the world as an audio file for you to turn into your ringtone or doorbell. Truly a great American


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