Bunga Bunga Ep 5 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Bunga 5 pic

Tim & Maynard search for a format yet again. We ask you about your pet sex names and Tim gets harsh reviews from a young local boy. Maynard eats an odd shaped cookie. It’s also a big day for a sad Glebe independent film maker on a crappy motorbike.

Peter Brune on the fall of Singapore

Descent Into Hell Peter Brune

As you may have noticed we enjoy a bit of history here at Planet Maynard. It was my pleasure this week to interview Peter Brune. The fall of Malaya & Singapore and the experiences of the men in the POW camps is difficult subject matter. Peter Brune has spent 9 years on his 600 page book Descent Into Hell. He has written about the issues of war in a bluntly honest way. He is also very forthright in this interview as well. 

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Mrs Sinatra finally available to the world

Mrs Fred Sinatra of Las Vegas is finally now available to the world as an audio file for you to turn into your ringtone or doorbell. Truly a great American


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