A Very Bunga Bunga Xmas 2014 (Part 1)

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A Xmas show that is not for children, consider yourself warned. Tim Ferguson and Maynard empty their Xmas sack of goodness all over your floor. This year has been a cracker for Tim. Maynard's 2014 was rubbish as usual. But you can’t stop the Bunga, with guest appearances from George Hrab, Danger 5, The Batman Singers, Norman Fox & an anonymous German speaking French. Listen and hear your dreams turn into Bunga.

A Very Bullshit Xmas 2013

A Very Bullshit Xmas 2013

Yet another Xmas show that is not for children. The show that started the fastest growing podcast in Australia. 2013 was a crap year as usual for Maynard so he tried to find some solace at Tim Ferguson’s house. The result was A Very Bullshit Xmas 2013 and Bunga Bunga was born standing up.

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Mrs Sinatra finally available to the world

Mrs Fred Sinatra of Las Vegas is finally now available to the world as an audio file for you to turn into your ringtone or doorbell. Truly a great American


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