Bunga Bunga Episode 4 - Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Maynard Tim Ferguson Med

Tim Ferguson is back from Hobart. Maynard test drives a theme tune. We answer your crankmail. You choose the most erotic word ever & tell us what modern love is about. Could Flying High be made in 2014? Maynard interviews Doug Anthony All Stars in London 1990. AND just what is in Maynard’s “bug out” bag?

The show in search of a format continues its quest….

Sunday Afternoon Fever 21.3.1993 with Caligula 

Ash Caligula

A bumper 3 hour show of the Sunday Afternoon Fever show from 21st March 1993. Guests; Caligula, Donna DeLory (Madonna dancer), Elvis (from Newcastle) & Sale Of The Century winner Russell Cheek. Maynard’s Mastermind quiz and other things to puzzle over from the 20th century. 

We also attempt to solve the burning social issue of 1993; Who was the better band Frente or Haircut 100?

Thrill to the Maynard YouTube channel 

Mrs Sinatra finally available to the world

Mrs Fred Sinatra of Las Vegas is finally now available to the world as an audio file for you to turn into your ringtone or doorbell. Truly a great American


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