Maynard's Malaise

Australia's Maynard, although not the guy from Tool, he proves he is one. Take a journey through pop culture with no clear purpose or destination. Sometimes a video. Always shameless.

Bunga Bunga 17 - Tim Ferguson & Maynard

IMG 5555 2 med

Tim Ferguson remains unrepentant about that singer. Maynard swings some dirty books Tim’s way. You get advice on what to wear and who to wear. Bunga Bunga 17 proves why Bunga Bunga is Australia’s fastest growing podcast. Ribald & NSFW

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Retrosexual FREE-FM 1999


Maynard hosted the breakfast show on FREE-FM, one of two Gay & Lesbian stations trying to get a licence in Sydney. Neither did. Every Friday morning was Retrosexual. All requests from the audience, Maynard would bring suitcases of CDs in to cater for the range of artists asked for. This show is from Friday 26th November 1999.

This is unedited and direct from cassette, enjoy.

Bunga Bunga 16 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

IMG 5337 2 med

Bunga Bunga 16 has Tim miffed because Maynard enjoyed himself at the Morrissey show. They examine the art of dog shaming and buy a selfie stick. Maynard meets lots of happy Morrissey fans at the May 27th show at Sydney Opera House, Tim doesn’t understand and rants. Maynard pulls a pop legend out of his Bug Out Bag as Tim bangs on about the Magna Carta (again). This podcast is ribald, NSFW and contains a selfie stick and a unicorn butt plug. 

Bunga Bunga 15 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Bunga 15 med

Get ready for quite the tootle folks, in the second half of this show Maynard takes Bunga Bunga backstage, front stage and upstage for the Doug Anthony All Stars show at Newcastle Civic Theatre, Saturday May 9th 2015. 

This show is ribald and NSFW.

Bunga Bunga 15 finds Maynard & Tim Ferguson discussing Eurovision, Star Wars, Shirley Bassey and Morrissey (again).

Does Tim have anything to apologise for?

Did Tim enjoy the considerable output of A-ha?

Should cats unionise?

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Schadenfreude? Or just plain epicaricacy?

Nick Hudson book

Nicholas Hudson has authored Modern Australian Usage: A practical guide for writers & editors. As Maynard is rubbish at writing, he hopes to get pointers on Australian English and how to win at Scrabble for once. May contain adult concepts, like spelling.

Nick has a wonderful Terry Thomas like cadence when he talks about his approach to editing Australian English. 

Does a barrister still have forensic skills?

Am I discriminating against my clothing every day?

Why use a fancy pants Teutonic word when we have perfectly good English word laying around doing nothing?

Modern Australian Usage: A practical guide for writers & editors, by Nicholas Hudson is published by Allen & Unwin. More information here

The Heckler

The Heckler Movie

Ben Plazzer is the director of a new Australian comedy The Heckler. I’m easily distracted and really liked it. You might too. Ben Plazzer gives you some tips on directing in a toilet and keeping stand up comics from overacting.

The Heckler movie website

Errol Brown Mr Hot Chocolate Interview

Errol Brown Mr Hot Chocolate Interview

Maynard interviews Errol Brown lead singer and songwriter of Hot Chocolatein 2006. Errol talks about their hits and career during the 70s & 80s. And why he shaved his head. He was a true gentleman.

Bunga Bunga 14 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

IMG 4499 2

This is an epic opus of Bunga Bunga proportions this time. Tim Ferguson & Maynard journey through the world for 90 minutes with no clear destination or known format. If you aren’t offended by something Tim says in this episode, which contains lots of bad language, drug use and ‘Allo ‘Allo, we have failed. NSFW

Some of the topics covered in this show are: Cinderella, fracking, Maynard invents a Mardi Gras costume, our listeners invent their own religions, Dad’s Army, the French, South Australia, Buffy, waitresses, working for free and Walker – Texas fucking Ranger..

Shaken AND Stirred - Maynard live in Wickham

Maynard 2015

Maynard plays a DJ set in Wickham that was so impressive he has never been asked back. Live from the Lass O Gowrie hotel.

Despite few people getting up to dance, it contains some of my favourite tracks. I thought you may enjoy being shaken and stirred.

Groove to these great tunes and go find them on iTunes.

Happy Kinky 22nd Birthday, Sydney Hellfire

Sydney Hellfire 22nd Birthday poster 2015

The Sydney Hellfire Club opened at Blackmarket, in Camperdown in March 1993 and celebrated its 22nd birthday. The evening brought back together many pervy people from across the club’s long, strange history. Join us, will you? Do I really need to tell you this isn’t safe for ANYONE to listen to.

Bunga Bunga 13 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Tim Ferguson Maynard Bunga Bunga 13

Tim Ferguson and Maynard start Bunga Bunga 13 by watching some Australian parliament and end the show with Morrissey and dancing to perhaps the greatest unknown disco song of all time. A new segment, Maynard’s Moneyshot Theatre and updated news of the Doug Anthony All Stars antics in Melbourne.

Dave Mason Live (without Dave)

Dave Mason with Maynard

Dave Mason of The Reels played a great cinematic gig at The Golden Age Cinema in Sydney last week. Dave of course, wouldn’t be interviewed, but I did get to speak with a few famous faces in the crowd (and Tony Push) enjoy. The show was actually quite moving.

Bunga Bunga 12 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Bunga 12 Tim Ferguson Maynard med

Tim Ferguson & Maynard are angry and concerned about everything from the flag to Eurovision. You know, the really important stuff. This show comes from a beleaguered Fortress Ferguson, where thankfully there are plenty of Mr Spock action figures for them to play with. Beware the pussy with the machine gun. NSFW.

Sunday Afternoon Fever 7.2.1993 The Death of The Reels


In the 1st SAF for 1993 as Dave Mason declares the death of The Reels. Doug Anthony All Stars in London, a new single for Duran Duran and I can't find a guest to interview. So I let the audience interview me. Lance & The Hollywood Kids & Mrs Sinatra too! AND Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra live in the studio direct off the plane from Japan.

Damian Cowell's Disco Machine

Damian Cowell's Disco Machine

Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine is pumping out across Australia, so I foolishly decided to have a word with him about TISM, Root! and DC3 as well. Damian explains his influences behind the album and references people I haven’t heard of and uses words I’ve only read in small labels next to stuff in an art gallery.

Last time I interviewed Damian, he was screaming “Spreadwell” at me. This interview only goes slightly better. But there is a lot of fucking bad language, so you’ve been warned.

Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine is what this country needs right now, or maybe Damian Cowell’s Disco Machine album needs a country. Im fine with both outcomes. 


Simon Day of Ratcat

Simon Day med

Ratcat have played Perth, Melbourne & Sydney recently. Simon Day talks about hearing his songs on the radio for the first time and how you handle not having a hit song. Don’t Go Now, That Ain’t Bad and lots of Ratcat history. Simon Day is here to dispel those rumours he was hit by a kangaroo and has been in a coma since 1993.

Sunday Afternoon Fever 16.5.1993 - Simon Afternoon Fever

Maynard with Simon Day Ratcat Ch V 2000

Simon Day from Ratcat joins Simon Marnie from SBS for Simon Afternoon Fever. Non Simonesque participation from Ru Paul, Thierry Mugler, Greg Fleet AND The Sharp play live in the studio. Callers tell us just what they think of the Simons & Simones of 1993. Regulars Mrs Sinatra is getting over an illness cloud & Lance with The Hollywood Kids does not disappoint with the 90210 gossip.

Bunga Bunga 11 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

IMG 3133 med

This awkwardly staged photo shows that Bunga Bunga is back for 2015. Our first show for is all CATS. Cats jumping, cats flying planes & generally treating us all with distain. AND the thorny issue of cats not putting the toilet seat back down. Bunga Bunga declares 2015 International Year of DAAS. Canada, Shonen Knife & Danger 5 too also make an appearance (time permitting).

Happy 40th Birthday Triple J !

Triple J 40th

The national instsitution that is radio Triple J started 40 years ago today. Staff from 40 years got together on Saturday night. We spoke with Mikey Robins, Jane Gazzo, Dr Karl, Rusty Nails, producers and management about a wild place in wild times. Contains lots of swearing, fuckin’ heaps.

Sunday Afternoon Fever 23.8.1993 - Mrs Sinatra at home

gallerymrsmrs med

If there was ever a relaxed episode of Sunday Afternoon Fever, this was it. I was back from 3 weeks holiday and the show features Mrs Sinatra and myself lazying by the pool at Caesars Palace. It’s the first time Asshole is played on air. The Doug Anthony All Stars speak from their Scottish hotel room. The new studio console fails multiple times in the first hour. Appearances from The Jerky Boys, Racheal Burger and some really attentive listeners on Maynard’s Mastermind Quiz.

Maynard Breakfast Triple J Feb 1989

Maynard 1989

Experience the daggy and uncool world of Maynard on weekend breakfast Triple J. This is from Sunday 19.2.1989 & Saturday 25.2.1989. Thanks to all at Triple J especially my producer and rare newsreader Chris Norris. This is just silly.

Shonen Knife tour Australia 2015

Shonen Knife Australian Tour 2015

Naoko Yamano, singer from Shonen Knife (Boy Knife) speaks to us from Tokyo on their upcoming Australian tour and their new album Overdrive. The band formed in 1981 and is more popular across the world than at home in Japan. Shonen Knife are always fun live with a raw, yet cute sound that makes them one our favourite bands. Let’s Knife!

Danger 5 return to save us from Hitler

David Ashby as Jackson in Danger 5 season 2

Danger 5 returns for a second season. It’s the bongo playing, dogs dancing, Nazis in space, Pterodactyl riding, quadruple flame throwing chainsaw wielding, head exploding show that you can't miss.  David Ashby is “Jackson” and the co creator, Maynard asked him some ill informed questions and against legal advice he answered them.

A Very Bunga Bunga Xmas 2014 - Part 1

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A Xmas show that is not for children, consider yourself warned. Tim Ferguson and Maynard empty their Xmas sack of goodness all over your floor. This year has been a cracker for Tim. Maynard's 2014 was rubbish as usual. But you can’t stop the Bunga, with guest appearances from George Hrab, Danger 5, The Batman Singers, Norman Fox & an anonymous German speaking French. Listen and hear your dreams turn into Bunga Bunga.

A Very Bunga Bunga Xmas 2014 - Part 2

IMG 2298 med

Another Xmas show that isn’t for children. In Part 2, Tim Ferguson and Maynard bring you a Xmas show too far. There are more Xmas tunes to play and more friends of Bunga Bunga to wish us all a Merry Shatmas. Guests; Floyd Vincent, Christopher Laird, Rob Darby & Skeptical Richard Saunders, who helps me out with my annual Xmas joke.

Finding Ecstasy with Norman Fox

01 Maynard Norman

Norman Fox (that’s him the young together one on the right) has written a coming-of-age novel (Finding Ecstasy) against the backdrop of the late 80s Hordern Pavillion dance parties. He was there and lived it. We took a walk around the Hordern today while sharing some stories and flat out gossip. Join us in your 501s, Doc Martins and padded bomber jackets….

Bunga Bunga 10 Tim Ferguson and Maynard


Tim Ferguson & Maynard solve your problems and create more for themselves. Tim has something to say about the ABC cuts & the Pope. Maynard reads a book and has flashbacks again. Tim admits he doesn’t miss dancing. Group sex with Ann-Margaret.

Mr Molly Meldrum meets Maynard (again)

IMG 1861

Molly Meldrum was a popular boy at The Bookshop, Darlinghurst when he made an appearance to sign his biography “The um Neverending Story”. He also announced plans to produce a musical about Che Guevara & hinted at romantic involvement with Jana Wendt. It’s the iconic and never boring Mr Ian “Molly” Meldrum.

Bunga Bunga 9 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

IMG 1851 med

The power of the Bunga Bunga is strong in this one. Tim Ferguson gives Australian politics a piece of his mind. Maynard can’t spare any of his and asks Tim about Jesus. A Skeptic drops by. Can you pick the accent of our waitress at the Cafe Frou Frou? The show in search of a format marches on…

John Waters interview July 1990


John Waters talks about his likes, dislikes and his deep hatred of sport. The movie Cry Baby had been released and he was as charming and witty as always. His new book Carsick is about him hitchhiking across the USA. You could do worse than getting stuck in a small space with him. 

Bunga Bunga 8 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Bunga 8 Tim Maynard med

Once you go Bunga you never go back. Tim Ferguson & Maynard solve your medical and political problems. But you may leave with more issues than you arrived with. Guests: Richard Saunders of Australian Skeptics & Wealthy Jesus of Glebe Pt Road.

Gene Simmons Interview 1990

Gene Simmons

Maynard interviews Gene Simmons in 1990. Gene was producing tracks for Doro Pesch at Fortress Studios in LA that day. Gene Simmons talks about the worst Kiss gig, how many cars he needs and how long the beach Boys could stay alive in New York City.

 (Maynard 2015)