Maynard's Malaise

Australia's Maynard, although not the guy from Tool, he proves he is one. Take a journey through pop culture with no clear purpose or destination. Sometimes a video. Always shameless.

Gene Simmons Interview 1990

Gene Simmons

Maynard interviews Gene Simmons in 1990. Gene was producing tracks for Doro Pesch at Fortress Studios in LA that day. Gene Simmons talks about the worst Kiss gig, how many cars he needs and how long the beach Boys could stay alive in New York City.

Bunga Bunga 7 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Tim Ferguson & Maynard Bunga 7

Maynard & Tim Ferguson take a wild sexual ride through the experiences of the listeners. This show features the Doug Anthony All Stars on Maynard's Triple J breakfast show May 1990. This show is not for children, especially that little kid that keeps mouthing off at us. This truly is average entertainment, for no apparent reason.

Maynard Breakfast FREE-FM 2000

FREE FM logo 2000

March 2000 was the last test broadcast of FREE-FM a GTLB station trying to get a broadcast license in Sydney. Here's an hour of the breakfast show. Warning; you may find this very offensive if you are a Sagittarius. Thanks to Ashley Hall, Peter the Newsreader & Don Balfour and all the FREE-FM team. Our motto; Free-FM: We love to pry.

Danny Elfman & Pee Wee Herman interviews 1988

Pee Wee Herman

Interviews from Triple J breakfast show 1988 & 1990. A 1990 Danny Elfman is perplexed that the LA critics actually like Dark At The End Of The Tunnel from Oingo Boingo. Pee Wee Herman is going all Frank Sinatra over his 1989 movie Big Top Pee Wee. 

Bunga Bunga 6 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

photo 3 small

Tim Ferguson & Maynard navigate the uncharted waters of a show with no format. We brown nose, we celebrate, but above all, we listen to you and announce the biggest intellectual challenge to our audience ever. Dating, TV and yet another new opening theme.  

Ash Rothschild gets all Caligula & Graveyard Rockstars

Ash medium

Ash Rothschild was the lead singer of Sydney band Caligula from 1990 till 1994. He now sings with The Graveyard Rockstars. In this park bench Surry Hills heartwarming moment, Ash talks about 90s bands like The Cure, Frente & Girlfriend. 90s drugs like MDMA & Passion Pop. Warning: this show contains adult concepts, like becoming a parent and fear of using the phrase “you tell kids that today, and they won’t believe you.”

Bunga Bunga Ep 5 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Bunga 5 pic

Tim & Maynard search for a format yet again. We ask you about your pet sex names and Tim gets harsh reviews from a young local boy. Maynard eats an odd shaped cookie. Again. The audience is put on notice to lift their game.

Peter Brune on the fall of Malaya & Singapore - Descent Into Hell

Descent Into Hell Peter Brune

The fall of Malaya & Singapore and the experiences of the men in the POW camps is difficult subject matter. Peter Brune has spent 9 years on his 600 page book Descent Into Hell. He has written about the issues of war in a bluntly honest way.

Bunga Bunga Ep 4 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Maynard Tim Ferguson small

Tim is back from Hobart. Maynard test drives a theme tune. We answer your crankmail. You choose to most erotic word & tell us what modern love about. Could Flying High be made in 2014? Maynard interviews Doug Anthony All Stars from London 1990. Just what is in our “bug out” bag?

Sunday Afternoon Fever - Caligula 21.3.1993

Ash Caligula

A bumper 3 hour show of the Sunday Afternoon Fever show from 21st March 1993. Guests; Caligula, Donna DeLory (Madonna dancer), Elvis (from Newcastle) & Sale Of The Century winner Russell Cheek. Maynard’s Mastermind quiz and other things to puzzle over from the 20th century. We also attempt to solve the burning social issue of 1993; Who was the better band Frente or Haircut 100?

The Lost Legions Of Fromelles

IMG 0054

Peter Barton has produced a reference work for the WW1 battle of Fromelles. The book has taken 10 years for him to produce and tells the story from both sides. Peter Barton has given more perspective to a very brutal battle in Australian military history.

Bunga Bunga Ep 3 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

IMG 5967

The show that shouldn’t have had a 1st episode, has a 3rd. Tim Ferguson & Maynard take your questions and ask a few of their own. Tim Ferguson makes bold statements about politics, burlesque AND Richard Fidler (completely unsupported by facts) Maynard swears twice and admits to reading a book recently. PLUS your regular dose of Lorne Greene. This show is going nowhere even faster than we thought.

Radio Stupid 2NUR-FM 2.11.1985

Maynard 1984

Young Maynard hosts his weekly show on community radio 2NUR-FM. It’s 11pm Friday, 2nd November 1985, Australian economic growth is at 8%, Samuri Trash are playing Uptown Circus, Giddy People (Castanet Club) are playing The Ambassador and a young Labor Council upstart Anthony Albanese has an issue with McDonalds. I’m also working only flat top haircut as you can see.

Pet Shop Boys play Sydney Vivid Festival

Pet Shop Boys show

The Pet Shop Boys played 3 shows as part of Sydney Vivid festival. Maynard caught the Saturday night show and spoke with the fun folk in the audience.

Sunday Afternoon Fever - Kim Wilde Special 3.10.1993

Planet Maynard

Travel to 3rd October 1993 as Kim Wilde joins the show to take questions from the audience. Also hear Mrs Sinatra, Lance & The Hollywood Kids, Crappy New Releases & Yeah Yeah's in studio. The day after Sleaze Ball 1993. What a show!

Bunga Bunga Ep 2 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Maynard and Tim Ferguson

Maynard & Tim Ferguson attempt a 2nd episode of the show that should never be. Tim gives his right of reply to the Federal budget, Maynard describes his letterbox & we play some more Lorne Greene. It’s the opposite of compelling.

Richard Saunders blows his mind

Maynard Richard saunders

Richard Saunders, skeptic and upstanding citizen, takes a tour of Maynard International Studios. He doesn’t quite get it, but chooses at random some music and tapes for us all. 

Bunga Bunga Ep 1 Tim Ferguson & Maynard

Tim Maynard Richard

All three of us look surprised to be on the first episode of Bunga Bunga. Maynard brings the shonky music, Tim Ferguson brings a shonky theory about candida infection at The Edinburgh Festival. Skeptical Richard Saunders is guest.

Maynard & DJ Sveta 2SER Breakfast Show 1996

Maynard Sveta 90s SER 2

Every Friday DJ Sveta had a great dance music based breakfast show on 2SER-FM in Sydney.  Maynard joined up with her from 1995 till 2001 and the show never recovered. This show from 1996 brings you the mismatched antics of Maynard & DJ Sveta. Featuring new tracks from Tori Amos and Engelbert Humperdinck

Madd Club live from The Record Crate

Madd Club

An Easter treat for Planet Maynard listeners. We cross live to a 2 hour slice of the Madd Club doing their thing in Glebe last Sunday afternoon. Swoon to the sound of Sunday Afternoon Fever. Maybe in the entire 2 hours you'll hear 1 song you like.

 (Maynard 2014)