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Australia's Maynard, although not the guy from Tool, he proves he is one. Take a journey through pop culture with no clear purpose or destination. Sometimes a video. Always shameless.

Madd Club live from The Record Crate

Madd Club

An Easter treat for Planet Maynard listeners. We cross live to a 2 hour slice of the Madd Club doing their thing in Glebe last Sunday afternoon. Swoon to the sound of Sunday Afternoon Fever. Maybe in the entire 2 hours you'll hear 1 song you like.

Mr Adrian Edmondson - The Bad Shepherds


Adrian Edmondson of Young Ones, Bottom, ccelebrity champion cook and historical documentary host is touring Australia. With his band The Bad Shepards he's bringing the celtic punk sound our way. Just Go, it's great.

Sunday Afternoon Fever next Sunday

Maynard with undies

The Record Crate in Glebe, this Sunday afternoon is the place to be for Maynard style lounge sounds with guests Geoff The Shopkeeper and Tony Push. Tony came to see how my work is going on the Maynard archives at Maynard International Studios.

Maynard goes J Pop at The Record Crate


Two shows in 1 this time! Maynard visits some of his favourite Japanese music from his archives. On the way the big news of a Madd Club reunion gig and a live show interviewing Tim Ferguson broke in.

The Audio Journey of Tim Ritchie


Tim Ritchie has been in radio since the 70s, from Triple J to Radio National he has always been about introducing new music. His time as a nightcjub DJ is legendary, as are the stories you are about to hear. Tim Ritchie answers some of your questions and most of mine. Enjoy some quality sounds with @TCR. 

A Very Bullshit Xmas 2013

A Very Bullshit Xmas 2013

Maynard welcomes Tim Ferguson, Tony Push, Christopher Laird & George Hrab to the bullshit finish to a bullshit year. They attempt to change his mind and fail. Plenty of musical surprises and archive sounds to make this the most bullshit Xmas of them all.

Jedward are twice the fun in Sydney


Jedward, twins John & Edward Grimes, are Eurovision popsters and a double trouble ball of energy. They played Enmore Theatre, Sydney to an equally excited crowd of fans. Maynard got between the fans and between the Jedward twins to share a Jepic night.

Koko Wallace from Boys, Boys, Boys

Boys, Boys, Boys Koko Bridget Jade

That’s Koko Wallace making a “chickie boom” move with Bridget Turner & Jade Foo of Boys, Boys, Boys. Boys, Boys, Boys are from Perth and would like your attention for a moment. Koko packs well on tour, enjoys 90s techno and has an occasional potty mouth. Enjoy.

50 Years of JFK Conspiracy Theories

JFK motorcade

Conspiracy archivist Jaimie Leonarder has been fascinated by the JFK assassination all his life. He has studied and read everything he can find on the subject. Today, 50 years on, what does he think of the various theories? Is the death of JFK still even relevant to Australia 50 years on? Jay brings his conspiracy facts. 

Gud Interview 2003


10 years ago Paul McDermott & the Gud boys scared all the press at the publicity launch for their tour. I stupidly waded in and asked the big questions.

The Last Ever Radio Stupid 18.11.1988

maynard med

After years of Radio Stupid going out on various community radio stations around Australia, it was time to move on to Triple J and do even more nightclub DJ work with The Madd Club.

Rocky Horror Night with Little Nell

Maynard and Little Nell

Little Nell who played Columbia in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, was special guest last Friday night for a special screening of the movie. I spoke to her before the show about her career, tap dancing and mouse ears. Also hear from the happily perverted fans of the movie.

Tim Ferguson's Big Stick

Tim ferguson Carry A Big Stick

Carry A Big Shtick more like it.

Tim Ferguson has finally published his memoir, Carry A Big Stick, recalling his life and his intentionally comedic moments as well.

Ever since the very first time since I met Tim at the Adelaide Festival Fringe in 1986 when I presented the Doug Anthony All Stars with the "Pick Of The Fringe" award, that the Castanet Club had won the previous festival, I've wanted to see inside his house.

Well, dear listener, today is our day.

Tim opens up on his partners in comedy crime as well as his MS and his secret love for a film not made by George Lucas.

He also takes your questions, and you might not like his answers. I know I didn't.

Tim Ferguson is my favourite failed NSW Senate candidate ever!

Me First & The Gimme Gimmes do Australia

Me First and The Gimme Gimmes

Spike Slawson is excited about Me First & The Gimme Gimmes October tour of Australia. This late night interview contains swearing, Cat Stevens and making young children cry. If you like your songs furious and insane fast, this is your band.

Senator Tim Ferguson?

r1167874 14800706

Tim Ferguson is running for New South Wales Senate under the Senator Online party. As usual, he has a lot to say.

"I will have no will of my own, I'll make speeches, but I've got to do what you say".

Best of all he claims he will look good doing it. He wants to be the new Natasha Stott Despoja. 

Tim Ferguson wants to be your political puppet. In a democratically corrupt way.

"Democracy shouldn't be something you do every three years with a hangover, then you get a sausage sandwich, go home and complain and whinge for the next three years."

Dannii Minogue interview disc 1990

Dannii Minogue with Maynard 1998

Dannii Minogue released this interview as a bonus disc in 1990 with her 2nd single Success in 1990. She was 18 and it was on my Triple J breakfast show. That is Dannii Minogue and myself demonstrating the "Mama Mia" look at the Mushroom 25 years concert, 14th November 1998.

George Hrab's Huge Palindrome

21812 george-hrab med

George Hrab has worked his kapoopie out on his latest live DVD. It is out this week and to celebrate the very Hrabness of the event, here is the first hour of his 21812 concert. I took the opportunity to challenge him to a Musical Throw Down Cage Match. He wins of course, but not before I get my own personal “Ask George” question answered. 21812: A Gneiss Night Out proves once again that Geo is annoyingly talented.

Radio Stupid "live" August 1988


To celebrate the extension of the Sydney Institute Of Technology into Haymarket in August 1988, Radio Stupid was live 10am Saturday with guests, The Sandman & and fake cluster of international performances. Disco Tex and Herb Alpert even turned up.

Radio Stupid 1988

Maynard and Bill Weaver 1988

From 2NUR-FM comes the 1988 sound of Maynard and friends. Weird collection of music and guests including The Bachelors From Prague and Mari Wilson.

The Music of TAM Las Vegas 2012 Part 2

Maynard TAM 2012

In time for The Amazing Meeting 2013 comes the final Maynard interviews from TAM 2012 Las Vegas. What music will the Skeptics choose? You might hear someone you know... 

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